Into the Woods

Into the Woods, a Tony award-winning, fully-staged Broadway musical and cautionary fairy tale, is funny, dark, clever, and romantic.

Show Dates: March 1-4, 2018

Show Location: The Warehouse, 1525 S. Rogers Street, Bloomington

Participant grade level: 7-12. Registration is now closed and the production has been cast. Download the audition, rehearsal, and performance schedule here. 

Casting List (By Order of Appearance):
Narrator, Grandmother, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty: Shelby Fletcher
Cinderella: Cosette Wu and Helen Christ
Jack: Jake Keller
Baker: Jack Richards
Baker's Wife: Ava Vanderkolff and Naina Prabhakar
Cinderella's Stepmother: Anneke Furr
Florinda: Natalie Schacht
Lucinda: Jacey Best and Kylie Miller
Jack's Mother: Kamary Smith and Claire Rothstein
Little Red Riding Hood: Marielle Berin and Grania Whelan
Witch: Haley Paulin
Cinderella's Mother and Voice of the Giant: Grace Donnelly
Mysterious Man: Joey McRoberts
Wolf and Cinderella's Prince: Azaria Wagner
Rapunzel: Gillian Hardy and Liliana Wagner
Rapunzel's Prince: Neil Smith
Steward: Nathan Zeichner
Voice of the Giant and Birds: Ashley Billingham

Professional Staff
Director: Pat Gleeson
Music Director: Wilbur Lin
Costumes: Martina Celerine
Set Construction: Brian Lewis
Projections and Set Paint Design: Joe Lee
Lighting: Mike Scwandt
Choreographer: Mary Sue Hosey
Technical Director: Marc Tschida
Sound Director: Tony Brewer